Life is Beautiful (_robot_love) wrote in berkeley_09,
Life is Beautiful

go bears

Hellooo Class of '09

this group is kind of dead.. so I was thinking we could get some more discussion up here. here's a survey to maybe get things moving:

1) Name

2) Where do you live? (unit/building)

3) Favorite place to eat in Berkeley

4) Any "interesting" berkeley moments or encounters?

5) Class/teacher from this past year that you would recommend taking (and/or not taking)

6) Roommate stories?

7) Where are you living next year?

8) Favorite hang-out place in Berkeley

9) Any Triangle Man spottings?

10) If you went to the Boat Dance, any comments/stories/pictures/whatever?

11) If you use DC++ this year and aren't living in the dorms next year, what do you plan to do / download from?

aand uh add anything else you want :)
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