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Free breakfast, lunch, t-shirt, and kid!

Hi. I don't know if this is allowed so the moderators can delete this post, but it's for a really good cause.

On April 6, 2006 (Thursday) the YWCA (2600 Bancroft Way, corner of Bancroft & Bowditch) will be holding it's 13th Annual SHADOW DAY. It's a great event that helps local high school students from the Oakland and Richmond area. Often these students are minorities, from lower income families, and not college tracked. Shadow Day is intended to give these kids an opportunity to see first-hand what college life is really like. We also give them information on how to apply and pay for college.


We need a lot of CAL students to volunteer and show these kids what college life is like. Everyone gets matched one-on-one with a high school student. You can take them to your classes, take tours, go to museums, visit libraries, crash classes, etc. It's a great one day community service event (from 8AM - 3PM) and you're simply doing something that you ordinarily do (go to school). We give all our participants free breakfast, lunch, and t-shirts (and a free kid if you think about it...). It's a wonderful event and I hope you take the time to possibly impact someone's day, and possibly their future. Also, it's an easy way for some of you (like those in fraternities) to get some community service hours.

Check out photos from past YWCA Shadow Day events.

For more information and to pick up applications, please drop by the YWCA. Spread the word!


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